Our aim is to continue to promote African heritage and encourage multiculturalism amongst the Irish and immigrants by grooming a beauty ambassador who represents Diaspora Africans with her stunning appearance and brain while campaigning for integration.


The idea, ‘The Most Beautiful African Girl in Ireland’ was first dreamt, mooted, and organised in the year 2000 by Tritees Promotions, a voluntary and non-profitable organisation burning with a desire to unite immigrants, promote African cultural heritage and inter-weave various cultures by putting together shows, lectures, seminars, and exhibitions.

The event, ‘Miss Africa Ireland’ has been running in the Republic of Ireland since the year 2000 and the love and affinity for motherland Africa informed the determination to continue with limited funding.


Aside from the idea of nurturing a role model in the form of grooming a beauty ambassador who represents Diaspora Africans with her stunning appearance and brain, this event is aimed at uniting African communities with the host country, Ireland by drawing participants from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups to participate in a high-profile event.

Not over emphasising its contestants who are bevy of African beauties endowed with stunning looks. In addition, contest ants who must be of African origin either by nationality or birth residing in Ireland with stunning and gorgeous appearance, beauty, and brains as an added advantage.

To promote a multi-cultural society that celebrates ethnic diversity.
To support the youths, both male and female by promoting and empowering them to excel in their chosen career path.
To serve as a platform for upcoming artists to display their talents
To educate contestants and attendees about Africa
To encourage contestants to greet in their native dialects and translate it to English, so the audience learns greetings of different African languages
To encourage contestants to learn about their countries of origin, to be able to answer the country specific questions.

The event is championing the promotion of the good image and tourism potentials of the great African continent with a view to educate the host country, Ireland and unite its communities in the celebration of various cultures.
The Queens take part in various community events throughout their reign Mentorship and training in modeling, etiquette

Sponsorship of the event is opened to everyone, both corporate and individual sponsors are welcomed to support the event.

For sponsorship packages, please contact Tritees Promotions organisers of Miss Africa Ireland Beauty/Fashion Show at or